Why do we do it?

Why have to worry about all the small details of planning your event? Simply Elegant Events, LLC helps every celebrator achieve seamless event execution to make sure their guests are thoroughly entertained. We are here to support you in the creating memorable events!

We can help you with any event, big and small. We have experience with planning a huge variety of events. Such as, fundraising events with high profile clients and entertainment, pop up shops, conferences, and more. We will handle the stress so you can enjoy the party!


Cheyenne Lespinas

Event Specialist

I have planned and assisted with over 100 marketing and promotion events. Most of the clients were Fortune 500 companies.

After gaining years of experience planning baby showers, family BBQ’s and weddings, I wanted something more. I want to spread happiness and knowledge. I get to do this through Simply Elegant Events by helping everyone by creating workshops, speaker panels, business meetings, and more. I now have the ability to create powerful, connected and risk taking events that will bring knowledge and productivity to different communities  and companies.  That’s what makes these events special.


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