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Elevate your corporate events with the seamless execution of elegance, made simple through our event management process, ensuring the successful realization of your company's vision.

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Our commitment to seamless execution, attention to detail, and creative innovation ensures that your business gatherings radiate sophistication and leave a lasting impression.

"Navigate the complexity of large-scale corporate events with ease", courtesy of Simply Elegant Events. Recognizing the evolving needs of businesses in the dynamic New York area, we understand the challenges of orchestrating impactful events that deliver results.

At Simply Elegant Events, we rise to the occasion, offering tailored solutions in this ever-evolving landscape to ensure the continuity and success of your events. Specializing in managing live, virtual, and hybrid events, our team is adept at helping you not only overcome today's challenges but also achieve your event's goals and forge meaningful connections with your audience.


1 - Ideation 

Our process begins with a free 60-minute consultation to understand your goals and expectations. Our team then creates a proposal based on this initial discovery call.


Corporate Holiday Party
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2 - Planning

Once a concept is finalized, our team works on finalizing every detail needed to bring your event to life. We secure and manage vendor relationships, oversee event creation, coordinate key roles to execute the event, and plan all elements with you every step of the way.


3 - Execution / Logistics


Day of, our team is on-site to make sure the event runs smoothly and is on-hand to help deliver the success we aligned on.

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Client Testimonial

Alia McCants
Senior Director of ESG, Social Impact at Peloton


Cheyenne helped us plan multiple intersecting events that supported Peloton's social impact efforts. Part of what we're measuring when it comes to effective social impact is the experience we're planning a seamless experience for our Members and the community is critical!
Cheyenne made planning the panel, the holiday drive, and all of the other events a joy. She was always prepared, proactive, and forward-thinking. She thought of ways to enhance our events, handled all of the planning and execution, and most importantly, was a good, professional, and positive partner. We really value our relationships with our nonprofit partners, so we don't let just anyone in! We trusted Cheyenne with them implicitly, and can't wait to use her services for more Peloton events!