Cheyenne has an innate ability to turn a conservative, normal event into a memory. She has such a passion for helping people. I enlisted Simply Events for a corporate event because she puts so much passion and commitment into the event. Cheyenne has an eye for making things beautiful and make something great out of nothing. She has been truly blessed with the skill of attention to detail and her level of creativity is masterful. Her process is also clear, concise and she is a woman of her word. Cheyenne also has a passion for helping entrepreneurs promote their businesses through networking events, community events, and promotional events. I highly recommend Simply Elegant Events for every event in your life. Cheyenne's commitment to making sure the event is memorable is untouchable.

- Daniel Velazquez III (MassMutual)

Attending Influential Speakers of Color was worth it. I truly received a memorable experience along with gaining insight that I need to apply towards moving forward with my business endeavors. I really look forward towards the next event and making more connections. The panel of speakers were a great pick. They left me with many golden nuggets. 

- Stephanie Lamour (Lamour Life Empowerment)

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